Happy Birthday Mr. Hevelius !

This year Gdansk celebrate the 400 - birthday of Jan Hevelius, (1611 - 1687) the great astronomer, merchant and producer of beer and counsellor of Gdansk. The last Saturday 29 Jan. I spend time in Library of Gdansk of Polish Academy of Science. It is the day when the Library to show as all astronomy books written by Hevelius. He also draw some of them, like his map of the Moon, Komet. He work also as constructor of many astronomical instruments. he built own obserwatory an on the roofs of his three connected house. His second wife Elizabeth Koopmann worked with him and after his deadth she published two of his works after his death, and is considered the first female astronome.

More about Jan Hevelius

His Machina coelestis

On the picture are : poster of one day exhibition and the most famous original portrait of Hevelius painted by Daniel Schultz in 1677 in Gdansk, own by Library od Polish Academy of Science in Gdansk. Hewelius sited to painter in his library in house.
Drawings of three houses, long telescope in Gdansk, and Hevelius and his wife Elizabeth is from Machinae Coelestis.

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