Round gown in Polish art collections

Round gowns in Polish art collection has not been anywhere so far examined. This can be difficult because of the large loss of works of art during the war, but it's what's survived - it can give an interesting view how the outfit was taken when the country which was at one time oppressed political conflicts. Because the costumes from the era survived little help in this can be miniature portraits, which show the outfit with great care. Mainly I inspired for this dress a portrait of a feamous Lady  from Krockow : Louise von Krockow (1749 - 1803).  

Louise, the wife of Joachim Heinrich Reinhold von Krockow, was one of the unconventional characters who for centuries lived Krokow lands. Endowed with extraordinary beauty and brilliant mind countess, in the absence of her husband managed the goods from Krockow. (...) Louise enjoyed considerable fame at the same time, which confirms the fact of receipt of King Frederick the Great claimed the men's grain trade law. (...) Password female emancipation was not foreign to her anyway. Endowed with a strong dose of wit, intelligence and artistic sense, shone in the circles of intellectuals and artists. It is worth mentioning, inter alia, her friendship with Immanuel Kant, the famous philosopher wykładającym at the University of Königsberg.(...) Both were at times philosophical debates and intimate conversation that inspired the philosopher to the hard intellectual work, and Louise motivated to further philosophical inquiry. The result was a book published in Berlin about the education of girls (Pädagogische Ideen, ed. 1793)*

Portrait fo Louise von Krockow by Angelica Kaufmann from Pädagogische Ideen, 1793

In this portrait Lousie wearing (I think) similarly dress (with combine a riding dress with fulness chemisette) as from dress of Tidens Tøj.

Portrait of a young woman by J.Georges  Baltz, c. 1800 © Cyfrowe Muzeum Narodowe
 A young woman wearing white muslin dress with black sash and gray - blue shawl. 

Portrait of young woman by unknown artist, 1799 - 1800, © Cyfrowe Muzeum Narodowe
 A beautiful black hair with turban is a classical example for regency fashion.

Portrait a young woman in white by unknown artist, 1790 © Cyfrowe Muzeum Narodowe
 Portrait is similar to Louise von Krockow but this lady is so young ( it seems) 

Potrait of woman in blue shawl (not fichu as described in web page) by  Edme Quenedey, 1797 © Cyfrowe Muzeum Narodowe 
 She wearing blue turban and white dress (round gown?) 
* My translation of these text are from here but it is only Polish. About the  Krockow residency you can see here and here .

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Thanks for sharing these. The museum has a lovely and very inspiring collection!