Bargello sweet bag not fished yet. Step by step.

I finished bargello bag but I could not to finish yet. Here is my step by step about these bag.

Linen Canvas
Embroidery floss : DMC 989, 3722, 581; Italian silk floss FILO FLOSSE ( Milano)
Emroidery technics: bargello stitch, brick stitch with 3 floss, needle for embroidery.
Measure: 15 cm x 15 cm.

Here is right side and wrong side.

The lining of the bag - I choose silk linning. Remeber: you must put down by right side!

I used back stitch for sewing lining and bag.

Turn the bag and press with the iron and modelled it.

For this a used excellent tutorial about "embroidered braids" from Mediewal Silkwork

Finishes touches: hand made braids as finger loop, silver pomanders I find on the big jewellery fair. Shells (Cypraeidae Rafinesque) are from small boutique from Sopot. I can't to get the beozar*. It is difficult and rare stone from animal, now to get only in China.

* Illustration of beozar is from Conrad Gesner Conradi Gesner's Historia Animalium 1557 - 1558
I have problems with the finishing bag, I don't know how to make a whole for braids - how technic I must use for this?

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Kleidung um 1800 pisze...

The sweetbag turned out very beautiful! So much work!
It looks like there are eyelets (holes) sewn on top of the original bargello bag. Maybe you should poke tiny holes into the top and then sew eyelets (there are a lot of tutorials online) using the embroidery floss.