Some my costume drawings, part 3

Here is my next part of my costume drawings but on the black paper and very heavy colours. I inspired by chinese fashion illustration and the paintings works by Ting Shao Kuang*. I took about him during my lectures in Costume Qolloquium II 2010

* Ting Shao Kuang (Ding Shaoguang). Born in 1939 in Chengdu, he studied in the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Peking ( 1955 – 1957) and then entered the Central Institute of Fine Arts, graduating in 1962. Being sent to Yunnan, he became fascinated with the beautiful views of its Xishuanbanna region with the unique ethnic costumes of women and of the folk traditions and he started to combine in his paintings the old art of mural painting (frescoes) and sculpture, which he learned travelling to the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang, with the modern Western technics. For some years Ting Shao Kuang taught the Chinese painting, print- making and Western and Chinese Fine Art History in Yunnan Art Institute and from 1980 he setlled in the United States. He taught zhongcai and traditional Chinese painting in United States, Asia and Europe. In 1993 on the order of United Nations he painted two famous paintings The Light of the Human Rights and the Mother’s Love, which are known from the reproductions spread by UNESCO.

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