Rococo charm fashion, Exhibition in Wilanów, Warsaw 1-26 June 2011

I must pologise.
I saw the finish exhibition in Wilanów. It was very interesting because the exhibition closed the competition about reconstruct and inspirations about 18th century fashions. This competition was for the young fashion designers from Poland.

The exhibition highlighted the work can be viewed and rewarded in two categories. In the category reconstructions you can see stunning gowns worn by the most famous court beauty Marquise de Pompadour and dress of Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Also see garments for men, both French and Polish, among them exquisite, embroidered batiste szustokor white shirt and short pants to the knees, white stockings and leather shoes with bows on the instep. Reply to this Polish national dress, made by design students of the Institute of Textile Architecture University of Łódź.

For me the best costumes made by the students od the Institute of Textile Architecture University of Łódź and Joanna Pojda for the second award in reconstruction category. Her costume was stunning. The costume is delicate, sofisticated and simple in the form and you can imagine really baroque dancer from porcelaine statue. The costume based on porcelain figurine (Johann Friedrich Lück, 1755) a pair baroque dancer ( male dancer) .

Reconstruction of Joanna Pojda,
in the middle picture of figurine of
Johann Friedrich Lück, 1755

In the middle reconstruction
of Polish national costume of Karolina Roga,
the second prize and
the bottom are some replicas of Polish national costume and Polish Noblemen's Sasche's
made by students of ITA, University of Łódź

You can see all participations and their costumes here.

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