Corset 1820 - 1839. Part 4 and sewing box.

I finish embroidering my corset, now I sewing (handmade) front and back with back stitch and to sew rows for cord and busk which also will be embroidered with zig zag stitch.

Today I bought a basket vintage sewing box. It is a little damage but I want to try give it a new image. I dont know how old it is but I think maybe from the beginning of the XXth century. The small decorating buttons made from silk threads, inside is green cotton.

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Kleidung um 1800 pisze...

Can't wait for the final result - the stitching is beautiful!
I wonder is there a tiny gap at the backbinding between the two back pieces when you wear it or is it close just like on the dress form?

atelierpolonaise pisze...

Thank you very much, Sabine!
I'm not sure that on the back must be a tiny gap but I prefer when corset is whole closed.