Lila Duran Scandinavian Folklore

photos Laila Duran

Dziś o książce która jest publikacją poświęconą strojom ludowym Skandynawii. Pięknie wydany album Scandinavian Folklore ze zdjęciami które aż dech zapierają. Żałuję że w Polsce jest to temat w ogóle nie brany pod uwagę ani przez autorów, fotografików i wydawców. Marzę aby się to zmieniło i pojęcie stroju ludowego nabrało nowego znaczenia.
Album Lailii Duran będzie miał ciąg dalszy.

Today, a book which is a publication devoted to folk costumes of Scandinavia. Beautifully released an album with photos to breath deny that. I regret that in Poland is a subject not at all taken into account either by the authors, photographers and publishers. It will be wonderfull that, it to be changed and the concept of costume has taken on new meaning.
This album will be continued.

Finish corset 1820 - 39

Today I finish my corset. For me it seems like wedding corset. Corset have embroidery like birds, heart with an arrow, some flowers in basket and small stars. Maybe it is symbolised wedding?
Embroidery is mostly stitching with a chain stitch and herringbone stitch on the linen and cotton, and lining with second cotton material - my corset is maked form 3 layers. I hate to make eyelets, it was horrible for my hands. Shoulder straps are pinned ( I don' t see on the photo this construction).
On the photo I wear my 18th century chemise, for demonstartion and my renaissance corded petticoat, and pantaloons which I bought in second hand shop. Now I will to work in chemise, corded petticoat and dress.

Corset photo from Met Museum.

Inspiration Regency ab.1828

It is my old project. Dress inspired by regency fashions about 1828. All I sewed from cotton indian sari and wearing during early dance workshop.

The second photo, is my first embroidery cross stitching vest. The pattern is from very popular Italian magazine about embroidery Rakam.