Bodice dress 1840

I started work on the bodice dress.I used the model by a dress from the collection of the Hermitage dated 1840. Sewing techniques of the nineteenth century costumes I found in the some books as: The Workwoman's Guide by a Lady, from 1840, where I found the patterns on the sleeves. In Bildindex I found some patterns of dresses from mid 19th century. My bodice I modelled with cotton linnen and then I cut from silk taffeta. I used the backstitch with a silk threads. Next will be to some work with piping.

source from Bildindex

Corded petticoat

I finish my corded pettitcoat. My inspiration was an one extant from Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I work with it about 2 moths. Petticoat is comfortable and lightweight. Costruction is very simple. These version of pettitcoat is from cotton ecri and linen cord. All is hand sewn. It have 26 rows of cord (hand sewn).