copyright by Museum of Emigration

It 's me as a wolunteer during the Day of Emigrant orginised by Museum of Emigration in Gdynia. Im wearing clothes which I bought in sceond hand in style 1930. City of Gdynia was build after the First World War, it is the newest city and a port. Town is build with the Art Deco and modernist style architecture so my outfit refers to the history of the city.
I like this outfit beacuse this costume even though it was not sewn by me. Only my shoes were bought for the occasion. My hat I made myself and think about the remodeling. Of course I think about to I am thinking of using some clothes from this period - is will be very inspirational for me. For complete Im wearing (but not have on the picture) small hand bag and a gloves. Colors of my outfit is blue, white, gray and brown - colours refer to the see theme. More photos you can see here.


I finished sewing a sleeve for my dress. Sewed method described in a The workwoman's guide from 1840. The pattern is from a dress from Met Museum.