Petticoat for round dress is finish

Tomorrow I finish high waist petticoat. All is hand made. It was very simple to modelled pattren and sewing it. I used some big scraps of cotton and sewing together with new (for me) mixed stitched - running stitch with back stitch. Here helped me post from Kleidung um 1800The back of the petticoat is tied to  cotton ribbons. The shoulder straps that are long in power depending on the needs lengthen or shorten them. The skirt has 5 tucks. It is very simple, classic and comfortable undress. 

Running and back stitched

Skirt and tucks

Waist and composition of pleats in back  

Back: open and pleats

Detail of tied cotton ribbon (back)

Petticoat front

Petticoat back

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