Thank you !

 I am a nice surprise because my blog was annauced by Sabine from Kleidung um 1800 in followed award: 

I never thought that my blog can be rewarded in any way-for me it is more important that motivates the next projects and describe them on the blog. Thank you for all my followers !

Rules for this award:
1. Add the award icon to your blog!
2. Link to your nominater to say „thank you“
3. Nominate 5 blogger with less than 200 follower. 

My nominated blogs are:

1. It's all in the details - her 1812 sheer dress is so beautiful with the green corselet. 
2. Serendipitous Stitchery - her regency creations are beautifull and very inspiring, I like her accuracy in sewing costumes.
3. Muzealne Mody - this blog is a Polish man who writes about the history of fashion and his article are  comparative analyzes between old and contemporary fashion, which is very interesting for people who interested by in art history and fashion. 
4. Before the Automobile - a blog a very talented seemstres, she created  beautiful creations and has very useful instructions for historical sewing. 
5. Food History Jottings - if you like the food and its history this blog is for you, many interesting informations about culture of cooking from recipes to forgotten kitchen utensils.


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