O mnie/ About me

My passion is sewing and scientific approach to a dying art of craft. The material culture of a particular garment is extremely useful for studying the history of everyday life. For many years I dance historical dances, in which knowledge of the dress is very much needed. I love of Italian Renaissance culture and most of all my beloved Florence. There is no more beautiful city in the world except, of course, Canton where I grew up

I am a co-author of books on Chinese culture in art: dance, clothing and embroidery.  Im author of some articles about costumes and history of dance in Gdansk.
Now, I am currently working on a PhD on the history of clothing in Gdansk. 
I would like to work as a costume designer on such films as costume or at the museum. 

I studied classical Chinese dance and folk in the Beijing Academy of Dance and I had a couple of concerts, and I has written several articles on Chinese culture dance.

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